Why not create my very own blog as it’s the latest rage among my peers and I’ve had lots to write about through the years. I hope to share my prose, poetry, photos and quips!

My precious son, just 2 months short of age 30, died peacefully in my home after a 4-year struggle with renal failure. The last year was the hardest. He was my special needs son who surpassed all the negative comments his doctors had given him through the years, saying he would never amount to anything — that we should “put him in an institution and throw away the key.” How dare they! Alex and I had a special bond no one else could ever diminish. My heart is still broken and I dearly miss holding him in my arms against my heart. Life just isn’t the same without him in it.


‘Tis the eve of your memorial
My Alexander Graham
My precious son, my heart, my soul
I just don’t understand
Why God took you home so early
Why your kidneys gave out so soon
Our lives will never be the same
Our hearts are full of gloom.
I wish you’d come into my dreams
With a reassuring smile
Sharing all the joy and love
My beautiful, soulful child.
Tell me you are now at peace
With loved ones who have passed
And you’ll wait with open arms until
My turn has come at last.
Weekends just won’t be the same
Without you in our home
Places where we used to go
Will lose their happy charm.
The reality of losing you
Has reared its ugly head
I miss you so, my handsome son
Inside I feel dead.
But life goes on and so must I
Your presence, in my heart
Will give me strength to carry on
And strive for a new start.
But you’ll never be forgotten
You’ve touched so many lives
You’ve brought sunshine into life itself
Your spirit will forever thrive.
Love, Mom


Julie Whitman Jones
January 7, 2015

I miss the house I lived in
Ten years, eight months, one week,
The ants were quite a hardship
But the tree frogs sounded sweet!

The orbs in back were peaceful
The night ivy smelled sweet
Our parties were successful
With lots of food to eat!

We entertained quite often
With music, games and tea
Our house was bright and cheery
Colorful walls for all to see.

I miss the brilliant sunshine
Shining into our home with glee
Our large garage and storage
Were quite an entity!

But now I’m in my new home
New memories to make
I have a nicer landlord
A lot of give and take.

I’m burning lots of calories
Which keeps my figure sleek
I’ve lost 10 pounds already
And it’s only been three weeks!

I know it’ll take some adjusting
I’m reminded it takes time,
The rent is less expensive
My neighbors, they are kind.

My struggle now is over
In finding a nice place for livin’
It is close to my two jobs
Many blessings have I been givin’.

So I thank you for your wishes and prayers
They all came true; I’m glad I shared!



Pineapple and its cross section

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I fell in love with a pineapple!

The affair was rather sweet.

My long, lost love

A juicy affair –

Oh, what a splendid treat!

The succulent fruit it offered me

A taste so true and divine!

‘Twas love at first bite

And sweet revenge

I knew that it was mine!

The sticky success turned into a mess

As the dagger plunged into its core,


My sweet, sweet pineapple

Was no more . . .

Hello world!